Photo of Amy Thrasher
Clinical Lecturer

Amy Thrasher teaches clinically in the Toddler Group and Preschool programs of the Child Learning Center at SLHC. She has developed a program for young children with autism focusing on joint attention and peer interaction through the use of storybook reading and video modeling, Story of Friendship.  In collaboration with the Temple Grandin School, she has developed a social communication intervention program for adolescents with autism and similar learning profiles using coaching and video self-review, Perspectives. Amy Thrasher also leads a family education and support group during the summers for families of young children with Down syndrome, Early Circles. Her areas of specialization include child communication development and intervention, assessment in early childhood, social communication, peer interaction, inclusion, early literacy development, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, parent education and support, Interactive Language and Learning Strategies (INREAL), The Storybook Journey approach to curriculum, clinical pedagogy and program development. 

Amy Thrasher received her B.A. in psychology from Williams College and her M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology from CU Boulder.  She has advanced training in the Early Start Denver Model and The Hanen Progams: It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words.  She has provided clinical services in early childhood inclusive settings in Denver and Boulder. Amy Thrasher has taught early childhood professionals through the Colorado Department of Education initiatives Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care as an instructor and Results Matter as a member of the development team.  Amy Thrasher presents locally and nationally on the topics of early childhood curriculum, peer interaction for young children on the autism spectrum, and social communication coaching for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.  Her practice is inspired by respect for the culture of the family and the celebration of the strengths of each individual learner. 

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