Waverly Eichorst head shot
Graduate Researcher, Ph.D. Student

Waverly Eichhorst is a PhD student in the Environmental Studies program with a USDA New Food System Technology Fellowship. She is currently working with Peter Newton, Jason Neff, Matt Burgess, and Eve-Lyn Hinckley researching how novel food system technologies can be utilized to increase the sustainability of food systems and combat food insecurity.

Waverly graduated from Grinnell College in 2020 as a Biology and French double major with a concentration in Neuroscience. Her past research work has included focus on local and global food distribution networks, cellular agriculture, the production of plant-based scaffolds to support the growth and differentiation of animal cells, and the cross-disciplinary application of scientific knowledge to advance novel food production techniques. She is passionate about pursuing interdisciplinary research to explore the intersection between biotechnological food innovation, food system sustainability, and global food sovereignty.