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LandPKS Global Lead, USDA-ARS, SILC Fellow

Jeff is a Soil Scientist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Las Cruces, NM. He has published widely on a variety of topics including rangeland soil health, restoration, simple tools for rangeland soil and vegetation monitoring, soil health, and strategies for applying resilience to management. He serves as an external member of the BLM’s National Science Committee, is a member of the International Resource Panel and serves as the US science representative to the UNCCD. Jeff led the development of the nationally (US) applied rangeland monitoring protocols, and co-led the development of the national rangeland assessment system, both of which have been adapted for use in a number of other countries. He currently leads development of the global Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS), a mobile app for land use planning and management.


  • 1993: PhD, Agronomy, Ohio State University
  • 1987: Diploma in Agricultural Science, Lincoln College (New Zealand - Fulbright)
  • 1985: BA in Biology with Distinction, Swarthmore College

Recent Publications


  • Peters, D.P.C., G.S. Okin, J.E. Herrick, H.M. Savoy, J.P. Anderson, S.L.P. Scroggs, and J. Zhang.2020. Modifying connectivity to promote state change reversal: the importance of geomorphiccontext and plant–soil feedbacks. Ecology.
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  • Kimiti, D. W., A.C. Ganguli, J.E. Herrick, and D.W. Bailey. 2020. Evaluation of RestorationSuccess to Inform Future Restoration Efforts in Acacia reficiens Invaded Rangelands in Northen Kenya Restoration Ecology 38: 105-113.
  • Quandt, A. J.E. Herrick, G. Peacock, S. Salley, A. Buni, C.C. Mkalawa, and J. Neff. In press. A standardized land capability classification system for land evaluation using mobile phone technology. Journal of Soil and Water Conservatio
  • Quandt, A., J. Salerno, J. Neff, J. Hartter, T. Baird, J. Herrick, T. McCabe, and E. Xu. Mobile phone use is associated with higher smallholder agricultural productivity in Tanzania, East Africa. Accepted. PLOS One.


  • Herrick, J.E., P. Shaver, D.A. Pyke, M. Pellant, D. Toledo, and N. Lepak. 2019. A strategy for defining the reference for land health and degradation assessments. Ecological Indicators 97: 225-230.
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    Selected Peer-Reviewed Reports and Technical Manuals

    • International Resource Panel. 2019. Land Restoration for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: An International Resource Panel Think Piece. Herrick, J.E., Abrahamse, T., Abhilash, P.C., Ali, S., Alvarez-Torres, P., Barau, A.S., Branquinho, C., Chhatre, A., Chotte, J.L., Cowie, A.L., Davis, K.F., Edrisi, S.A., Fenessy, S., Fletcher, S., Flores-Díaz, A.C., Franco, I.B., Ganguli, A.C., Ifejika Speranza, C., Kamar M.J., Kaudia, A.A., Kimiti, D.W., Luz, A.C., Matos, P., Metternicht, G., Neff, J., Nunes, A., Olaniyi, A.O., Pinho, P., Primmer, E., Quandt, A., Sarkar, P., Scherr, S.J., Singh, A., Sudoi, V., von Maltitz, G.P., Wertz, L., Zeleke, G. A think piece of the International Resource Panel. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya
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    For a complete listing of peer-reviewed books, book chapters, reports, and technical manuals, please see the attached CV.