tractor in field from above

A grant was recently awarded to SILC and others at CU Boulder from the "Signals in the Soil" grant entitled, "Detecting soil degradation and restoration through a novel coupled sensor and machine learning framework." The $800,000 CU-funding for this project comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture with additional support from the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council in collaboration with the Lancaster and Manchester Universities in the UK, and the National Science Foundation in the US.

CU Boulder investigators include SILC's Director – Professor Jason NeffAssociate Professor Evan Thomas and Director of the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering (MCGE), and Associate Professor Gregory Whiting in Mechanical Engineering. Find greater details about the Signals in the Soil project here. More details will be added as the research begins in 2020.

An article announcing three Signals in the Soil grants awarded at CU was published at CU Engineering and in CU Boulder Today. More can be read about the grant's objective to provide multi-disciplinary sensor and monitoring systems research to understand how to maintain a resource essential to life on Earth, and to provide answers to long-held questions about soil ecosystems from UK Research and Innovation in a publication that occurred in February 2020.