The School of the Environment and Sustainability will offer undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificate programs for students desiring to develop subject matter expertise in a particular area, such as organizational sustainability or clean energy.  Degree-seeking students supplement their existing degree plans with interdisciplinary, problem-oriented training in the area.  Professional students pursue these certificate programs in order to gain experience and knowledge for career growth, or to better prepare themselves for future graduate school work. 

Sustainable Practices Program (SPP)

The Sustainable Practices Program is a professional certificate designed to educate professionals who are seeking to lead, manage, and facilitate effective sustainability initiatives in a range of organizations. The SPP is founded on the definition of sustainability that is generally accepted worldwide among the majority of sustainability professionals and practitioners, along with a wide range of organizations from governments to corporations, as “the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability”. The objective of the SPP is to equip professionals with skills, frameworks, and experience to address challenges linked to questions of social equity and justice, stewardship of natural resources, and marketplace success in a variety of professional settings.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE)

Certificate programs in Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE) provide an in-depth study of renewable and sustainable energy technologies, policies, and business – the cornerstones of this rapidly growing industry. With the knowledge this certificate provides, students, working professionals, and alternative energy practitioners will be well-equipped to begin or advance their careers in renewable and sustainable energy. Degree-seeking students in any department and on any degree plan may apply to the graduate or undergraduate certificate programs.  The professional certificate program is intended for both onsite and distance learners seeing comprehensive knowledge of energy issues, but who may lack the time or resources to enroll in a regular graduate program.