Clicker & Peer Instruction Workshop Materials

This page contains materials, such as worksheets and activities, developed for our workshops on clickers and peer instruction (You can also see our learning goal workshop page.) Any questions? Email us at

These workshops are geared to help instructors:
  • Articulate why you would use clickers and Peer Instruction
  • Write more effective questions & critically appraise the value of different types of questions
  • Effectively facilitate student discussion and reasoning about the questions

Workshop Material Packages

These materials are particularly geared to facilitators, but faculty may be interested in the popular handouts.

Item Description
All Materials Includes slides, activities, handouts. Includes workshops on Intro to Clickers, Writing Clicker Questions, Clicker Facilitation, and a one-day-workshop.Download Zip (602 MB).
Individual workshops You can find materials for individual workshops in the Zip file linked above, or go to our individual workshop page for archived workshops.
Popular handouts:

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you use these materials, please give credit to the Science Education Initatiave of the University of Colorado.

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Workshop Videos

These represent versions of our workshops on Effective Facilitation and Question Writing, from 2012. Also available on iTunes U. Relevant handouts are below in the "workshops packages" section. Press the icon in the lower right to make full-screen.

Writing Great Clicker Questions:

Different goals for questions, types of questions, tips and tricks, and revising a question to make it more challenging.


Effective Facilitation of Clickers:

Getting students to buy-in, to talk to each other, and to focus on reasoning instead of the right answer.



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