Other Resources

Highly recommended books:

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School - Ann L. Brown, Rodney R. Cocking, and John D. Bransford

Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite CD - Edward F. Redish (*this book outlines a variety of tools for learning and effective pedagogy, many of which can be broadly applied to disciplines other than physics)

What the Best College Teachers Do - Ken Bain

Scientific Teaching - Jo Handelsman, Sarah Miller, and Christine Pfund

Interactive Teaching (DVD) featuring Harvard Physics Professor Eric Mazur

Peer Instruction: A User's Manual - Eric Mazur

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Teaching Assistant Training:

The following TA training materials have been developed by Mya Warren, Sandy Martinuk and Joss Ives in the UBC Physics and Astronomy Department and are good models to follow.

p Schedule
p Handbook
p Slides for all sections: Introduction, Teaching and Learning, Lab and Lesson Plans, Diversity and Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Marking, Interactive Engagement and Questioning, Working with Groups

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talks & interviews:

›› See the Calendar for materials from talks sponsored by the SEI

p Carl Wieman Science Education talk — 2007    [PowerPoint version p]
      Video - October 2007 (Courtesy of York University)

p Kathy Perkins, Associate Director, CU-SEI — Studying Student Beliefs About Science: their importance and what affects them — July 2007

e-Strategy Update » Blog Archive » Q&A with Dr. Carl Wieman — April 2007

UBC Podcasts: An Evening With a Nobel Laureate — March 2007

Carl Wieman UBC talk on Science Education November 2005 — podcast and video

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Articles by Carl Wieman:

p Wieman -- APS News Back Page, November 2007 with references
      The "Curse of Knowledge" or Why Intuition About Teaching Often Fails

pChange article: Why not try a scientific approach to science education?

pWieman - course transformation case study

pBC Campus 2020 Wieman think piece

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Other resources on the web:

Colorado Physics Education Research Papers

Colorado Physics Education Technology (PhET) Interactive Simulations

Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS)

Eric Mazur Peer Instruction Resources & Physics Education Research

UBC Skylight Library

University of Illinois Introductory Physics Course Revisions

University of Washington Physics Education Group

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