First Day "framing" activities

A set of compiled materials for introducing students to active learning strategies, with the purpose of creating greater student buy-in to these approaches. Includes slides, activities, clicker questions, & more.


Resources to help instructors use clickers (personal response systems) effectively in a classroom (links to our sister institution, University of British Columbia)

Course archives

Course materials developed by various SEI departments, such as learning goals, clicker questions, tutorials, labs, and worksheets.

Workshops and workshop materials

Workshop materials for faculty professional development on teaching and assessment provided by the SEI with slides and supporting materials. Created for purposes of re-use by faculty professional developers. For lists of upcoming workshops and events, see our Events Tab.

Instructor Guidance

A series of SEI "Best Practices" with educational practices and technology, including white papers and articles. For a set of videos on effective use of clickers and group work, go to our Video Page.

student guidance

Documents developed to provide practical advice for learning more in university courses.

Learning goals

Documents on the value of learning goals, how to develop them, and examples of good learning goals.


Includes research papers on how people learn and various aspects of teaching, learning, and assessment in science, often at the discipline specific level.

Other Resources

Includes a list of highly recommended books, materials for Teaching Assistant Training, various lectures on science education, articles by Carl Wieman, and other web resources.