Our main activities are reforms of sophomore and junior level physics courses, using the SEI Transformation Model:

  • Creating learning goals to make expectations for student learning explicit.
  • Compiling existing teaching and assessment materials (particularly, a spectrum of exam and homework questions and alternate textbooks) to assist faculty in teaching an effective course.
  • Creating new teaching and assessment materials, including homework and exam questions, clicker questions, and tutorial-type activities for the junior level.
  • Developing a post-course assessment tool to determine whether students are achieving the learning goals, and whether their learning is affected by course reforms.
  • Conducting research studies related to the course reforms.

The links below will take you to our materials developed for our sophomore and junior level courses as part of the SEI efforts.

The Physics Education Research Group at CU-Boulder (PER@C) also has course materials for a wide variety of introductory courses.

Phys 2210: Classical Mechanics / Math Methods

Phys 3220: Quantum I

Phys 2130: Modern Physics



Phys 3320: Electricity & Magnetism II (dynamics)

Phys 3340, 4430, 5430: Advanced Lab



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