Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

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departmental director & Project Coordinator

William Wood, Professor
(303) 492.6680
Jenny Knight, Senior Instructor
(303) 735.1949

current Science Teaching Fellows (STFs)

Brian Couch, PhD
(303) 492.5142

past Science Teaching Fellows (STFs)


Sarah Wise, PhD

Sarah Wise is now an STF in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department

Michelle Smith, PhD

Michelle Smith is now an assistant professor at the University of Maine, appointed in the School of Biology and Ecology and the Research in STEM Education Center (RiSE Center).



Jia Shi, PhD

Jia Shi is now an academic advisor and instructor for the Integrative Physiology department at CU-Boulder.



MCDB Working GRoup members

Nancy Guild

Corrie Detweiler

Christy Fillman

Michael Klymkowsky

Ken Krauter

Jennifer Martin

Joy Power

Ravinder Singh

Quentin Vicens

Mark Winey