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Have you ever sent an air hockey puck streaming across the table? The cushion of air across the table helps to minimize friction, enabling the puck to move across the surface at rapid speeds. Using the same principle and just a few simple materials, you can make your own CD hovercraft to glide effortlessly across a table or floor! Want to take it further? Experiment to see how different variables (e.g., balloon or disc size) impact your hovercraft.

Balloon-powered hovercraft made with a CD.

Recommended Grade Levels: K-5

Price: $10

Shipping Cost: $5

STEM at Home Kits are available for curbside pick-up and shipping:

  • Curbside pick-up will take place at the SEEC building, Lot 556 (map linked) on Thursdays or Fridays between 12-5:30pm. You will receive an email from CU Science Discovery confirming the date and time for your scheduled pick-up within a week of placing your order. Please do not arrive for curbside pick-up until you have received an email confirming your scheduled date and time.  
  • If you select the shipping option at checkout, your kit will be shipped via USPS within two weeks of your order being placed. 

Questions? Please reach out via email or leave call back information at 303.492.7188.