How do students come up with ideas for projects? What makes a science project successful?

Workshop 1 
Raises student interest in creating experiments for science fairs and in-class discovery. Illustrates the scientific method through a variety of high-interest, interactive demonstrations and experiments in biology, chemistry and physical science. Examples of current scientific research are used to demonstrate how students can experience discovery through their own science fair projects.

Workshop 2 and 3 
For the schools that participated in previous Science Fair Workshops, these workshops introduce a whole new series of experiments and demonstrations. The scientific method is emphasized in conjunction with student safety in experimentation. Ideas for science fair projects are investigated and demonstrated.

Supports CDE Academic Standards for Life Science, Earth Systems Science and Physical Science.

Group size: Up to 60 students per workshop 
Grades: K-8
Cost: $195 per presentation; $125 for each additional presentation

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