Science Discovery offers two different workshops in Cardiovascular Physiology:

The Heart of the Matter
Your Heart Structure and Function – Help your students understand the structure and function of the heart through the use of models, specimens and computer technology. They will learn what the high and low spikes on an EKG mean and how they can be used to diagnose abnormal heart function.

Pump It Up! How the Heart Responds to Exercise
Meeting Your Energy Needs – Students will learn how the heart functions to meet the energy demands of humans and other animals. Using the latest computer technologies, your students will hypothesize and test the heart’s response to exercise and how it affects heart rate and CO2 production.

Adapted from CardioHEADS curriculum.

One or both of these workshops may be chosen. 

Supports CDE Academic Standards for Life Science.

Group size: Up to 30 students
Grades: 4-9
Cost: $195 per presentation; $125 for each additional presentation

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