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String of Defenses

Nathan Nelson, Jon Monserud, Aaron McUmber, and Joshua Mabry have all defended in Spring 2015.  Congrats!!!


Jeremiah Traeger and Yu Cai have joined the group.  Greatness awaits!


Successful Defense

Blake Langdon has earned her PhD!  In her research, Blake pioneered the use of single-molecule methods to study the interactions of proteins with materials.

Congrats on the Job

Pat Noonan, PhD, has begun working at Hyde Engineering and Consulting.  

Auf Wiedersehen

Michael Skaug has moved on to a research position at IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland.  Congratulations on the new job.

Best Presentations

Joshua Mabry was awarded "First Place Presentation Overall" and James Weltz was awarded "2nd Place Presentation by a 2nd Year Student" at the Student Annual Research Symposium at CU-Boulder.

Most Read Paper!

Blake Langdon's paper Interfacial Protein-Protein Associations was one of the most accessed papers in Biomacromolecules in 2014. 

Research Award

Dan Schwartz received the Dean's Award for Research for our outstanding performance last year.


Patrick Noonan recently defended his PhD thesis, titled Cooperative Self-Assembly at Interfaces and Its Impact on Long-Range Molecular Orientation.

Upcoming Symposium

Professor Schwartz will be co-chairing a symposium Single Molecules at Interfaces: Experiments and Simulations. Check it out if you will be at the ACS meeting March 16-17 in Dallas.

Featured Article

Our recent publication in PRL on "Intermittent Molecular Hopping at the Solid-Liquid Interface" was featured in the February Issue of SoftMatterWorld Newsletter !