Fall Deadline Extended
The deadline to turn your PIPs in to receive a scholarship for Fall has been extended to November 1!

The University of Colorado Boulder is participating in a program called PIPs for School utilizing the PIPs Rewards mobile app. Students who download the app and log in using their CU Boulder login can earn Positive Impact Points (PIPs) for actions that benefit personal wellness, the environment and community good. Using the PIPs for School feature on the app, students can then turn the PIPs they earn into a scholarship to pay toward tuition and fees.

How to Earn PIPs for School

To learn more about the PIPs Reward program at CU Boulder, visit CU PIPs Rewards mobile app.

How many PIPs for School do I need for a Scholarship?

Once you have committed at least 5,000 PIPs to PIPs for School, you are eligible for a PIPs for School Scholarship. 5,000 PIPs for School = $50 scholarship. If funds are available, it is also possible to double the dollar value of your scholarship. See ‘Double Your Amount’ below for more details.

The maximum number of PIPs a student can use toward a PIPs for School Scholarship in an academic year is 50,000 (the equivalent of $500).

5,000 PIPs

Minimum PIPs required to be eligible for a PIPs for School Scholarship. If funds are available, you may also be eligible for a matching scholarship. See details below.

50,000 PIPs

Maximum PIPs that can be committed to PIPs for School in one academic year.

Double Your Amount

The PIPs Education Fund (PEF), a 501(c)(3) public charity, may be able to provide matching funds to more than double the amount of PIPs you put toward paying tuition and fees.

For example: 10,000 PIPs = $100  + doubled matching award ($200) = $300 total

To be considered for a matching award, you must commit a minimum of 10,000 PIPs to your PIPs for School account and request that it be redeemed for scholarship money. PEF matching awards are dependent on funding availability.

How to Redeem PIPs for School

Commit your PIPs

In the main menu of the PIPs Rewards mobile app:

  1. Select PIPs for School

  2. Swipe up to see your options

  3. Choose an option:

  • Make a lump-sum commitment (in increments of 1,000 PIPs) or

  • Pledge a percentage of future earned PIPs

Make Your Plan in May or December

If you have close to 5,000 PIPs near the end of the semester, you will be contacted by the PIPs Team via your colorado.edu email to ask if you:

  • want to redeem your PIPs for scholarship money now (to put toward the next semester's university account) or
  • continue to save PIPs for future use.

Once you confirm that you would like to redeem your PIPs now, you are advised to speak with a financial aid counselor to determine the best timing. The Office of Financial Aid will then confirm with the PIPs Team your choice and a one-time scholarship will be applied directly to your university bill in the following semester. If your university bill is already paid in full, your PIPs reward will be provided to you as a refund. Please note the deadlines for committing your PIPs (below).

Deadlines & Exceptions

PIPs for School can only be turned into a scholarship for use in a future semester. In order to make sure the award pays toward your university bill, you will need to work with the Office of Financial Aid by the following deadlines:

  • By November 1 for the fall semester (extended deadline!)
  • By January 1 for the spring semester

PIPs for School cannot be used toward summer tuition and fee bills.

Optimal Use of PIPs for School

We recommend you contact CU Boulder’s Office of Financial Aid to discuss with a counselor whether your PIPs for School scholarship will have any negative impact on your other financial aid. Counselors are available for by phone.