Attend your meeting

Once SCCR receives notice of an alleged Honor Code violation you will receive a letter about a conduct meeting. This is your chance to tell a hearing officer your side of the incident that generated the alleged Honor Code violation. It is a good idea to go talk to the hearing officer, so they can more fully understand the incident at hand.

If you choose not to attend the hearing, a decision will be made in absentia based on the information available to the hearing officer and the Honor Code Advisory Board. If you have any questions about the meeting you can contact SCCR at 303-492-5550.

What to expect in your meeting

You will talk with a hearing officer about the incident and they will ask you for your side of the story. They will also ask questions, like:

  • How does your alleged involvement in this situation relate to your personal values?
  • What impact did your choices have on other individuals or communities?
  • In what ways can this choice hinder you from achieving your academic goals?
  • You can ask any questions you may have of your hearing officer at this time. Students found not responsible in the conduct process will not receive sanctions.


The accused student may bring an advisor of their choice, including but not limited to advocates and attorneys, to any Honor Code meeting or hearing. However, advisors are not permitted to speak for or on behalf of the student during any phase of the process, including the hearing. If a student chooses to bring an advisor to the hearing, it is the student’s obligation to select an advisor whose schedule allows attendance at the scheduled hearing time. SCCR is not obligated to reschedule the hearing to accommodate an advisor’s schedule.