On April 13, 2019 while grading essays for ENVD 3040 that were due on March 30, 2019, I discovered John Doe and Jane Doe’s essays were highly similar. Several concepts were the same and whole sentences were a direct match across the papers. I spoke with John via Zoom and he admitted to copying Jane’s essay and that she did not know about it. John reports that they are roommates and Jane does not use a password on her computer, and he took it because he panicked and needed to turn something in. Jane came to my office and shared the same story, adding that John “came clean” once they received my email requesting meetings. The exams are included.

On March 3, 2019, during an ECON 1011 exam, TA Jesus Gonzalez observed John Smith look at his cell phone during the exam. Jesus told me and I approached John during the exam. We spoke outside the classroom and he denied cheating.He said he was looking at the time. I told him he would be given a zero and reported to the Honor Code. I then looked and saw that John had accessed the exam study guide in our course Google drive for this test at 10:21 a.m. on 3/3/2019, which is the same time that Jesus observed him using his phone. Please see attachments for a screenshot of the login activity.