Any appeal that is submitted, under any of the three criteria, also must show that the sanction imposed is one of termination, suspension, or expulsion. If a student did not receive one of these sanctions, the appeal will not be reviewed. In cases in which a charged student has accepted responsibility, such appeals are limited to having the severity of the sanction reviewed.

The purpose of an appeal is not to provide a second hearing for the case. The appeal decision will be based on the information outlined in the Student Code of Conduct Policies & Procedures. The Conduct Appeal Board will not meet with the student or rehear the case. 

All requests for appeal must be filed in writing by the date specified in the decision letter.

Any actions that may have been levied against the student will be suspended until the appeal is heard, unless the welfare of the individual or the community is threatened.

The Director of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution or his/her designee will first review all requests for appeal to determine if the request meets the established criteria for appeal and are within the appeal filing timeline that is allotted. If students do not meet the established criteria for appeal or do not appeal within the allotted timeframe, the appeal will not be decided on by the Conduct Appeal Board and the student forfeits his/her right to appeal. In rare cases, circumstances outside a student’s control may occur, which prevent an appeal from being submitted by the deadline. Should this situation occur, the student must explain why they did not meet the deadline, and the Director of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution or his/her designee will make a determination if a decision will be made on the appeal.

Attach a typed (double-spaced) explanation to this form that addresses your reasons for appealing. You must explain why you meet the criteria to appeal and must include all additional information that will aid the Conduct Appeal Board in making their decision.
You will receive written notice of any decision in regard to your appeal.

Please sign and date this form indicating you understand the information above and have attached a typed explanation for why you are appealing. 

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.