Take Initiative

  1. Do not wait for a study group to appear from nowhere-create one on your own
  2. Find other interested students by:
    • Asking classmates you know if they are interested & question those you may not know
    • Talk to your Professor/TA
    • Announce (yourself) the formation of a study group at the beginning of class

Delineate Responsibility

  1. Take responsibility for the first study session yourself
  2. During the first session, discuss with others who will be responsible for all planned sessions
  3. Make a list, giving different group members responsibility for facilitating next session
  4. Discuss administrative-type details at first meeting
    • Where group will meet
    • What content will be (if known)
    • What facilitator should plan (study questions, homework reviews, old or sample tests, etc.)
    • If possible, create an email and telephone list

Create “ground rules” for sessions

  1. Be on time, be respectful of others' ideas/beliefs
  2. Be prepared
    • Have homework, study guides, sample tests, etc. completed before session
    • Have questions about subject ready to discuss
    • Bring class notes to study sessions
  3. Plan ahead and find regular meeting times that work for most students in group
    • Do not meet sporadically
    • Create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly sessions