Published: Jan. 11, 2016

The University of Colorado Boulder Police and Emergency Management has provided a public safety smartphone application (app) called Lifeline Response (CU-Boulder Today Article). This safety app is available for FREE to faculty, staff and students while attending or employed at CU Boulder and has three features designed to provide the user with ways to call for help in case of an emergency.

The first is a button on the screen of the smartphone that allows you to press and hold it when the user may encounter a threatening situatioA screen image of the LifeLine Enterprise app in Thumb Mode.n. When the user lifts their thumb from the button, a timer begins counting down to allow the user to disarm the alert before it is sent. If the user does not disarm the alert, the user is connected with the LifeLine Response dispatch center who will validate the alert and call the police department with the user’s location if needed.

The second feature is the ability to set a specific amount of time for a particular activity, such as walking home from class or going on a run. If the user does not deactivate the before the specific amount of time has expired, and alert will be triggered and LifeLine Response will attempt to contact the user and validate the alert. If they are unable to make contact, Lifeline Response will contact the local police department and provide the last known location of the user.

The last feature LifeLine Response utilizes is an ability to enter three or more “lifelines” in a user’s profile. These “lifelines” will be notified only when LifeLine Response determines the alert to be real and the user to be in danger. At the same time LifeLine Response is calling the local police department, they are triggering an alert to the users “lifelines” providing tehm with a notification of trouble, location of the user provided by the users mobile phone, and contact information for the users local police department for that “lifeline” to contact. If the user enters their code after they realize they triggered an alert inadvertently, the “lifelines” will get a second notification stating the user is safe.

To download the app, go to the LifeLine Response webpage, enter your phone number, and they will send you a text that will link to your app store to download.

Once you have the app, open it on your phone and and use your email address, and select University of Colorado Boulder from the list.