Catalog for the University of Colorado at Boulder

Catalog Cover

Descriptions of colleges, schools, and individual departments including undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, course descriptions, and faculty listings as of February 2011.

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School of Law

Courses represent a wide range of law-related subjects. Study areas include natural resources, the environment, criminal law, business, constitutional law, taxation, public law, American Indian law, litigation, intellectual property, and jurisprudence.

Summer Session Catalog

Summer Session

This catalog list the 500 plus university courses offered in the summer. Unique summer opportunities include Maymester, The FIRST program and special featured courses.

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Continuing Education

This catalog details the many credit and noncredit programs, nontraditional courses and student services that CU offers for high school students, working professionals, college students or lifelong learners.

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CAETE is the distance learning and professional studies arm of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. CAETE offers flexible and convenient access to post-graduate coursework, certificate programs, advanced degrees and professional development courses in engineering, technology, computers and business management. Courses are delivered via the Internet, CD-ROM, and/or in the classroom during the evenings, weekends, and on site.

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Independent Learning

This catalog details the CU credit courses that the University offers online or by mail. Choose term-based courses or self-paced courses and learn on your own terms!