2016 Brakhage Center Symposium

A Tribute To George Kuchar

MARCH 4, 5, 6


George Kuchar is one of the great artists in the history of the moving image…We are amazed by the craft, the perfect cues, the skillful edits, the startling images and visual rhymes, the flawless pacing and ingenious continuity, often achieved spontaneously, in camera. His images can be both insanely bizarre and rapturously beautiful, with a hallucinatory  otherness seldom achieved  by even the most visionary artists in film history…Few can match his eccentric imagination, his phenomenal wit, his peculiar way with language, and his ability to construct complex multidimensional narratives…The work is transgressive and subversive—transgressive sexually (he’s among the pioneers of queer and camp cinema) and in its scatological breach of decorum; subversive in its zero-budget triumph over commodity cinema, the triumph of  amateur over professional.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
---Gene Youngblood

Symposium Program

Special Guests

Michael Kuchar, Donna Kerness, Andrew Lampert, Nancy Andrews, and Denah Johnston.


Suranjan Ganguly, Director, The Brakhage Center,  ganguly@colorado.edu.

All symposium events are free and open to the public!