Contemporary Tibet Conference, A Success

Feb. 26, 2010

On February 26, 2010, nine Tibetan Studies scholars from across North America gathered for a one-day conference titled, Research on Contemporary Tibet: New Challenges, New Methods. The conference was hosted by three CU faculty in Tibetan Studies, Emily Yeh (Geography), Holly Gayley (Religious Studies), and Carole McGranahan (Anthropology), and sponsored...

Loriliai Biernacki Wins Kayden Award, Organizes Conference at CU-Boulder on “Sex and Texts”

Oct. 15, 2009

On October 15-16th, 2009, Loriliai Biernacki organized a conference, "Sex and Texts: Representations of Sexuality in Asian Religious Traditions," sponsored by the Kayden Award and the Center for Asian Studies. This conference addresses the relationships between sexuality and religious textual traditions, especially focusing on Asian scriptural texts. The conference began...

Transnational Discourses of Islamic Community Conference

Oct. 24, 2008

Held on October 24-25, 2008 at CU Boulder, the Transnational Discourses of Islamic Community brought together leading scholars to critically analyze the content and appeal of the notion of a global Islamic community of faith through an explicitly comparative and interdisciplinary approach. The conference was organized by Ruth Mas (Assistant...