Students selecting the thesis option are required to take RLST 6950.  Each student will have an advisor, who helps the student create a three-person thesis committee, usually faculty in whose courses the student has been or who have participated in a student’s professional development.  

RLST 6950, MA Thesis (6 credit hours over 2 semesters), to be made up of:

  • First semester of thesis (3 credit hours) to result in a thesis prospectus defense with the thesis committee
  • Second semester of thesis (3 credit hours) to result in the thesis defense itself
  • The thesis is expected to be between 50 and 125 pages
  • Thesis students will produce streamlined portfolios as well that can be defended either with the prospectus or with the final thesis. This will include:
    • an intellectual biography 
    • syllabus, cover letter 
    • conference paper/colloquium presentation

All MA students will be expected to attend at least three colloquia over the course of their careers and to present at least once.

For a detailed list of past M.A. theses completed by students in the department, please see the RLST Thesis Titles 1986-2016 list.