All RLST undergraduate classes satisfy the Arts & Sciences General Education: DistributionArts & Humanities.

The Muslim World, 600–1250

RLST/ARAB 2320-001 | 3.0 
Online - Term B July 5 - August 5
Instructor: Brian Catlos

Focusing on the history of the Muslim World in the age of the caliphates (650-ca1200 CE), this course takes an interdisciplinary, comparative approach to the development, tracing the evolution of Islamic religion, society and culture from the era of pre-Islamic Arabia through the “Golden Age of Islam.”

A&S Core: Human Diversity
Arts & Sciences General Education: DiversityGlobal Perspective

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

RLST/JWST 2600-001 | 3.0
Online - Term B July 5 - August 5
Instructor: Samuel Boyd

In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Abraham is described as a founding figure. In recent times, the label “Abrahamic Religions” has become increasingly important both as a way to describe the origins and beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and as a means for finding common ground in political and religious discourse. Yet in each religion Abraham is also used in strikingly different ways and for distinct purposes. In this course, we will look at these three religious traditions and how each one imagines Abraham. In particular, the focus will be on how each religion uses Abraham to construct foundational stories of a special relationship to God, stories that ultimately serve to promote religious identity over time.  

A&S Core: Ideals and Values
Arts and Hum: Ways of Thinking