University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association
Minutes of October 17, 2007 Meeting

The annual Fall meeting of the University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association was held on Wednesday, October 17 in the University Memorial Center, Boulder Campus, room 235.

President Johann Stoyva called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM and welcomed all members and guests in attendance. He then read the names of our recently deceased colleagues and spouses and a moment of silence was observed.  One additional name was added to those listed in the agenda materials:  James Busey (Political Science, UCCS).  The minutes of the April 25, 2007 Spring meeting were approved,  Pres. Stoyva noted that there was a handout containing a note from Nort Steuben concerning the Aging Services Foundation. Information sessions are offered the 2nd Friday of each month, at 10 AM at their office at the NE corner of Broadway and Iris (in Boulder).  

Pres. Stoyva noted that Stuart Schneck was unable to attend and give his regular, much appreciated update on UBAB (University Benefits Advisory Board). In fact he was right then attending a meeting of UBAB which was in the process of reviewing eight RFP proposals for health insurance for 2008-2009. (Note: “RFP” = “Request For Proposals”)

Treasurer Gloria Main gave her budget report.  (A copy was distributed to those present.)  In the spring, the CU president’s office came through finally with a subvention of $2000.  This was just in the nick of time or else we would have been $176 in the hole for fiscal year 2006-2007.  Having received this, our total income for 2006-07 was $10,500 and total expenses were $8,871.   This fall we received a $5000 subvention (for fiscal year 2007-2008 so we are now in good shape.   Pres. Stoyva said we should be grateful to Chuck Howe and Gloria Main for keeping after the president’s office to give the subvention.

Membership Secretary Stew Strickler reported on membership.  There are right now 659 names on the list. Of these, roughly 250 are up-to-date on their dues for 2008 (this includes the 86 newly retired faculty who get complimentary memberships for the year.)We anticipate that many more will pay in the months to come and in the spring mailing we will remind those who haven’t yet paid their 2008 dues.

Next, Ombudsperson Bob Fink gave his report.  He has had 12 contacts since the April meeting.  Six were in regard to benefits, two concerned the discontinuance of “dial-up” computer service, and four contacts concerning an impending retirement. The retirement guide that Carl Kisslinger coordinated was extremely helpful.

Prof. Fink introduced Lee Potts who has recently joined the faculty ombudsman program and replaces Jack Kelso.

Sandra Moriarty reported on the Graduate Awards Program.  At the end of the last fiscal year (June 30th) we showed an increase of roughly $15,800.  This came from $11,500 in donations and $4,300 from the increase in market valuation. As of Sept.15 we had roughly $43,500 of which $40,500 is in the endowment fund and $3000 is in the transfer account to be used for the awards.  While last spring we received a lot of money in donations, more recently donations have fallen to a trickle and Moriarty distributed to  those present contribution forms and encouraged people to donate to the program. This year we are granting awards to students at Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Oliver Ellsworth reported on the Faculty Council.  President Brown reported to the council at both the Aug.30 and Sept. 27 meetings.  Funding is still difficult in spite of the passage of Amendment C;  64%  of Amendment C funding goes to Medicaid and K-12 while 9% goes to prisons.  There is still a limit of 6% growth on funding the university.  However enrollment is up:  on the Bouldercampus enrollment is now 29,000.  The level of the students coming in is 50% better than before, judging by their scores..  At the September meeting, Prof. Ellsworth reported to the council on CURFA activities. There was much enthusiasm particularly about the Graduate Student Awards program.  Concerning the budget for CU, Prof. Wolf commented that the various higher educational institutions in the state have come to an agreement about how the funds will be divided proportionally.

A. David Hill reported on the Boulder Faculty Assembly. He and John Cooper are our liaisons with the BFA.  A copy of their report was distributed to the group. A major topic of discussion at the BFA has been the new campus strategic plan, entitled “Flagship 2030: Serving Colorado, Engaged in the World”, which may be found on the web at .  The Faculty has expressed serious concerns about it.

The BFA Executive Committee has discussed with the University Administration health benefits and phased retirements. There is considerable unhappiness with health care options.  There will be a comprehensive examination of Retiree Health Benefits in the spring (2008).  

Bill Marine reported from the Health Sciences Center.  The HSC group will hold it’s annual meeting Nov. 13. This will be last meeting on the old campus at 9th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.  In the future they will meet at the Anschutz Medical Campus (formerly Fitzsimmons).  They also have had a fund since 1999, the Charlie Smythe Library fund, which has finally exceeded the minimum $25,000 needed to become endowed.  Members have contributed to this fund as well as to CURFA’s fund. The next president of the group will be Bruce Paton.  We still don’t know what will be the new name for UCDHSC.

Franz Roehmann, our liaison with the UCD campus, addressed the group. He is stepping down from the faculty assembly of the Denver campus and is expected to be replaced by Bill Briggs.  As for the consolidation of UCDHSC, there is a slow friendly integration with not much pressure to merge.

Carl Kisslinger discussed the Retirement Guide.  When the Retirement Guide was being prepared, the committee knew already that there would have to be revisions pretty soon, because, at the same time, an all University committee was working on incentives to make retirement more attractive.  The revision is just about finished and we will post it at our website.  There will be a printing of 1000 to 1200 copies to be around the different campuses.  It‘s been a worthwhile activity to do this in the name of our organization to show we are working to further the welfare of our faculty.   The group gave Carl a vote of thanks for all his work on the guide.

The meeting adjourned around 11:20 AM. This was followed by a social hour with punch and a buffet luncheon at 12:15 PM. The luncheon talk was given by Assistant Professor Ruth Mas from the Department of Religious Studies who spoke on Issues Relating to North African Muslim Women; Implications for European Culture.  

Respectively Submitted: Richard Roth, General Secretary