University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association
Minutes of October 18, 2006 Meeting

The annual Fall meeting of the University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association was held on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 in theUniversity Memorial Center, Boulder Campus, room 235

President Charles Howe called the meeting to order at 10:08 AM and welcomed all members and guest in attendance. He introduced Hank Brown, the president of the university, who addressed the group.  President Brown said that there has always been some uncertainty concerning the division of responsibility between the campuses and the president’s office (the central system level). So right now they are looking at how each aspect has been handled and recommending how it should be handled in the future.  It has been a difficult year for funding and C.U. has not been receiving its appropriate share of funding.  President Brown recommended voting against amendment 41, which limits gifts to legislators, because it is not well written and may restrict all state employees (including custodians) and their families from receiving  gifts and scholarships (even a Nobel Prize). [This was disputed by some in the audience who noted that the Daily Camera was supporting the amendment.].  President Brown discussed the move of the President’s office to Denver and noted that he spends 70% of his time in Denver (meeting with the state auditor, JBC etc.).   The symbolism of the move is important…it shows that the President will not try to micromanage what is happening on the campuses.

President Brown departed and the meeting returned to the agenda.  Prof. Howe read the names of our recently deceased colleagues and a moment of silence was observed.  The following name was added to those listed in the agenda materials: Gilbert White of Geography and the Institute for Behavioral Sciences, UCB.  The minutes of the April 20, 2006 Spring meeting were approved.

Vice-President Johann Stoyva gave the report from the nominating committee.   They presented four nominations: 

Vice President:  Jim Wolf

Secretary:  Richard Roth          

Treasurer:  Gloria Main

Ombudsperson:  Robert Fink

There were no further nominations and the four were each elected for two-year terms (commencing January, 2007).  Prof. Kisslinger pointed out that for the first time we will have a president and vice president both not from the Boulder Campus (Johann Stoyva is from HSC and Jim Wolf is from UCD).  This goes along with our effort to make this truly and all-campus organization.

President Howe listed the seven appointed offices:

Stewart Strickler  (Membership Secretary)

Jack Kelso (Associate Ombudsperson)

Oliver Ellsworth (representative to Faculty Council )

Franz Roehmann (representative to Faculty Council Personnel Committee and liaison to the UCD)

John (“Jinx”) Cooper (representative to Boulder Faculty Assembly)

A. David Hill (representative to the Boulder Faculty Assembly)

Neil Ashby (Webmaster)

Stuart Schneck, CURFA member who serves on UBAB (University Benefits Advisory Board) addressed the group.  He noted that those on the CU Medicare Plan are no doubt pleased about the premium reduction but should not expect another such windfall next year.  There will be new cards giving the new ID numbers (replacing Social Security numbers).  Be sure to pass on these new numbers to all pharmacies as well as your doctors, etc.  Beginning in 2007 it is expected that Medicare B premiums will go up and the amount will vary according to income.  The annual deductible will be increasing too.  As for Medicare D, the next open enrollment will be Nov. 15 to Dec. 31 and will no doubt be confusing as the number of national plans has gone from 9 to 15 and there will be 55 Coloradoplans.   Medicare reimbursements to physicians are very low and many doctors will not be accepting new Medicare patients or might discontinue serving present Medicare patients.  Fewer young doctors will be going into primary care medicine because they graduate with high debts, so need to choose more lucrative specialties. A significant shortage of physicians is expected by 2020.  He also noted that the increase in the rate of obesity of Medicare patients is contributing to the financial difficulties of the Medicare program.

Past President Carl Kisslinger reported on the Retirement Guide.  It’s now ready and being distributed to all parts of the university.  It’s available on CURFA’s website and also on the Human Resources website.  We wish to thank the team of five who prepared it:  Bob Fink, Richard Blade, Franz Roehmann, and Stuart Schneck from the four campuses and Carl Kisslinger.  Invaluable support was provided by Anne Costain, associate vice-president for human resources.  He noted that the last section tells of the advantages of becoming a member of the RFA.    The Newsletter gives more information.

We next heard from Marcia Dawe, from the C.U. Foundation, who spoke about a new special opportunity concerning IRA plans.   If you are over 70 ½, you may make a gift from your IRA directly to the CU Foundation or other charities without having to pay taxes. This must be done before Dec. 31, 2007.  Handouts were available with more information.

We next heard the Treasurer’s Report.  Retiring Treasurer Rudy Schattke noted that there was a financial report in the agenda materials, but a more up-to-date version prepared by Gloria Main (our newly elected Treasurer) was being distributed to the group. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made, seconded and approved by the group.

Sandra Moriarty, who is now Chair of the Graduate Student Awards program, introduced the two winners from the Health Sciences Center.  (Another awardee, at the Colorado Springs campus, will be invited to the Spring meeting).  The awardees gave brief presentations, but members were encouraged to talk with them further at the break.  The awardees were Elizabeth Redente, Ph.D. in toxicology (mentor: Dr. Al Malkinson) who spoke on “Novel changes in inflammatory cells during lung formation in mice” and Lisa M. Williams, Ph.D in Microbiology (mentor:  Dr. Linda van Dyk), who spoke on “Genetic Identification of an important pathway of chronic virus infection and disease”.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM and was followed by a “punch and conversation” break outside room 235.  The buffet luncheon began at 12:15 PM.  This was followed by a talk by Professor Bruce Jakosky, from LASP and Geological Sciences on the topic “ Is There Extraterrestrial Life?”. 

Respectfully Submitted:  Richard Roth,  Secretary.