University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association
Minutes of October 16 2002 Meeting

The Annual Fall Meeting of the University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association was held on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 in the University Memorial Center at UCB.

President Mary Bonneville called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and welcomed all members and guests in attendance.

The minutes of the Annual Spring Meeting of the RFA on April 24, 2002 were approved as presented in the packet for the meeting.

Recognition of Deceased Members

President Mary Bonneville read the names of retired faculty members, administrators and spouses who had died since the April 24, 2002 meeting.  In addition to the names listed in the packet previously mailed to members for this meeting, she read the following names.

From UCB:  Harry F. Jordan, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and computer Science; Sam Sushan, A&S, EPO Biology.

From UCCS:  Hastings Moore, Interdepartmental Studies.

From UCHSC:  Seymour Katsch, former Chair of Pharmacology.

A moment of silence was observed in honor and memory of these deceased persons.  President Bonneville asked that anyone who learns of the death of a retired faculty member, administrator or spouse, please contact her or Stewart Strickler, the RFA Membership Chair.  Hopefully our Web master, Bill Tetlow, will soon be able to get this information directly from the administrations at the four campuses.

President’s Report

President Bonneville briefly reported on the following:

  1. RFA Graduate Student Awards for 2002 - 2003.  On the Colorado Springs campus, the awardee is Kaci Emery, College of Education with a major in guidance and counseling; on the Boulder campus, no awardee has been named yet.
  2. Chuck Howe was the organizer of the second Tea Time Talk at the Academy, with Charles Southwick, A&S, EPO Biology, as the speaker.  The two such events held so far have been very successful.  Since it’s very expensive to send out separate mailings to advertise these programs, members are asked to give their e-mail addresses to Chuck or Stewart Strickler for use in sending out special notices.
  3. Donna Bogard from the Denver Campus was introduced and gave a lively announcement about the planned November 8 event on her campus that will include a tour of the new King Center and a concert by the Alumni Choir that she directs.  Let Mary or Stewart know if you’d like to carpool and/or get a parking pass to attend this even.
  4. The Retired Staff Association sent $5 dues notices to the RFA members, some of whom sent in checks to pay these dues.  (It’s not clear yet what happened to these checks.)
  5. This is a time of great transition on the RFA Executive Committee:  Jack Kelso will be serving temporarily as an Assistant Ombudsperson, while Bob Fink regains his health; Court Peterson, as Past President, and Jack Hodges, as Secretary, will be leaving office; Rita Weiss, Rudy Schattke and Roberta Flexer will be stepping down as RFA representatives to the BFA; Anne Harrison and Franz Roehmann will be replaced as RFA liaisons to UCHSC and UCD, respectively.  RFA members gave rounds of applause in appreciation for the service of all of these individuals.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Pat Magette gave a verbal financial report.  (Her written report will be circulated later, perhaps with the Membership Directory in January 2003.)  Currently the RFA has a total of $10,988 in all of its accounts (including the CU Foundation Account designated for future Graduate Student Awards).  Estimated income and expenses for 2003 are about $5,716 and $10,185, respectively.  At first glance, the RFA financial situation doesn’t look too bad.  But it’s important to note that all members’ payments for today’s luncheon and dues received so far are included in the current accounts total, and yet to be paid in 2002 are the costs of today’s luncheon and the preparation and distribution of our new membership directory.  So, although we are not yet “in the red,” she recommended that we consider raising our annual dues from $10 to $15.  By voice vote, her report was accepted as presented.  Rebekka Struik suggested that RFA members be invited to pay $15 dues next year if they can afford to.

Vice President’s Report

VP Carl Kisslinger’s report was devoted exclusively to a recommendation from the RFA Executive Committee concerning the RFA Graduate Student Awards.  This recommendation will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting in Spring, 2003.  A copy of he report follows these minutes.

Reports From Committees and Representatives

  1. Ombudsperson

Bob Fink, recovering well from life threatening illness, reported that he and Jack Kelso, who filled in while Bob was ill, had 13 contacts since the last RFA meeting in April, 2002.  The issues and concerns dealt with were:  e-mail privileges for surviving spouses, retirement health insurance coverage, need for information on TIAA/CREF retirement plans, individual membership status in the RFA, and information concerning retirees.  Jack is interviewing persons who are retiring or leaving the university in order to gather historical information of importance.  Bob stated that interested members who aren’t on the list to receive quarterly benefits reports should contact him.

  1. UBAB

RFA member Stuart Schneck, a member of UBAB, referred members to his two memos on pages 12-16 of the packet distributed for the meeting that dealt with (a) the treatment of RFA Medicare patients at the University of Colorado Hospital (8/15/02) and (b) health care premiums/benefits for 2003 for CU retirees (faculty and professional exempt) and surviving spouses

(9/10/02).  He briefly reviewed the contents of his two memos.

Nominations and Elections

Vice President Carl Kisslinger presented the following nominations for RFA officers:

Vice President/ President Elect - Charles Howe (UCB, Economics)

Secretary - Richard Roth (UCB, Mathematics)

There were no further nominations from the floor and so these officers were elected by acclamation.  They will take office on January 1, 2003.  Kisslinger announced that a replacement is needed for Pat Magette as RFA Treasurer.  Volunteers for nomination are needed very soon.

Appointments and Volunteers

President Bonneville announced the following appointments:

Natalie Hedberg to replace Roberta Flexer as BFA Representative (2002-2004).

Kurt Gerstle to replace Rudy Schattke as BFA Representative (2002-2003).

Johann Stoyva to replace Anne Harrison as RFA Liaison to UCHSC.

Joel Salzberg to replace Franz Roehmann as RFA Liaison to UCD.

New Business

  1. President Bonneville announced that the scheduled re-presentation of the motion to publish the RFA Membership Directory on the RFA website was being withdrawn.  Instead, Bill Tetlow announced that members should watch for an informational sheet on this issue that will accompany the mailing of the next printed directory.
  2. Ken Roberge presented some information on a group called “Partners in Lifelong Learning” that is engaged in encouraging and assisting seniors in auditing university classes on the Boulder campus.  Any RFA member who is interested in this should contact him or fill out and return the form he distributed.
  3. President Bonneville announced that the RFA Executive Committee has briefly discussed an organization called “Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education” but has not decided on any recommended action about it by the RFA.  The matter was deferred to a future time.


Tributes to Jean Berger.  Keith Wallingford, Professor Emeritus from the UCB College of Music, and Viola Haertling, who earned an M.A. from this college, gave personal tributes to musician/composer Jean Berger who was on the faculty of this College of Music from 1961-1967.  They reported that, although he was chiefly a composer, he was also an effective teacher.  During the luncheon that followed this business meeting, attendees were treated to a recorded program of some of Berger’s vocal music prepared by Bill Kearns (UCB, Music).

The next meeting of the RFA is scheduled for April 16, 2003.

The business meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Following the close of the business meeting there was a short “social time” preceding the buffet luncheon served in Room 235 of the UMC.  After the luncheon, RFA members and guests were treated to a very interesting slide-illustrated talk by Dr. William L. Lewis, Jr., Director and Fellow of the Center for Limnology, CIRES, on the topic “Science and the Endangered Species Act on the Klamath River Basin.”

Respectfully submitted,     John H. (Jack) Hodges, Secretary

RFA Vice-President's Report, October 16, 2002

My report concerns the planning for the continuation of the RFA Graduate Student Awards.  I promised you at the April meeting that the executive committee would consider the options and report to you today our conclusions.  I want to emphasize that we do not intend to make a final decision today that will be done at the meeting next April.  I do want to explain our current thinking and give you a chance to consider it and, perhaps, come up with suggestions for modifying our tentative plan either today or before we vote next spring.  The first cycle of the awards, for 2001-2002 and 2002-2003, has been funded with money from our treasury, as approved by you in April 2001.  The amount is $1600 per year, including the administrative service charge imposed by the Foundation.  Thanks to the voluntary contributions from the membership, a bit over $2300 has been added to the fund.  There may be more as checks come in with this year’s dues.  The opinion of the executive committee is that the donors intended that money to be used for support of current awards and it should not be used for any other purpose, such as funding an endowed award program.  Therefore, our proposal is that the Association approve a second round of awards for 2003 and 2004, on the same basis as the current awards, to be funded by the money from contributions, supplemented as needed from the treasury.  As things stand now, that would call for about $450 each year of Association funds.  This would use up all of the current contributions.  We then propose that during the next three years we conduct a systematic fund-raising campaign, with the guidance of the Foundation, to raise enough to create a permanent endowment.  The minimum amount for an endowment is $25,000, but I calculate that to keep support at the current level and assuming an investment return of 4 percent, we would need $40,000 in contributions.  If you approve this approach and it is announced, it would be understood by donors that their contributions would be used to fund an endowment, not for support of current awards.  This may seem an ambitious program, but considering the amount that has come in already with a minimum of

solicitation, a well-organized campaign should succeed.  One approach will be to identify and contact a few affluent retirees, or perhaps other friends of the RFA, who would be willing to donate substantial amounts.  The Foundation is expert at that approach.  On the other hand, if each of 400 members gave

$35 each year, not a staggering amount, for three years, we would have our total.  This is not likely to happen, but it helps to delimit the size of the proposed effort.  Some combination of a few large gifts and many modest ones can fill the need.  Our goal is to create a permanent fund in the name of the

Association for the support of advanced education on the four campuses.

Submitted by Carl Kisslinger, Vice president/President elect