Minutes of the CURFA Meeting on March 19, 2013

The secretary of CURFA, Uriel Nauenberg, pointed out that he had sent e-mails to the membership with 11 attachments that essentially describe what was being discussed at the business meeting. If you include the attachment in this e-mail that is a total of 12 reports. He suggested that these reports be included as part of these minutes.

A total of 30 members attended the business meeting that was promptly called to order at 10 a.m.  There were over 100 members attending the excellent lunch and talk by Lawson Crowe at noon (“On the Intersection of Religion and Science”) that led to some spirited discussion on the topic.                         

It was pointed out that in the minutes of the previous meeting the name of “Arnoldo” Meyerfeld was misspelled as “ Arnaldo”. This should be corrected.

It was pointed out that in the minutes of the previous meeting the name of the university attended by Seymor Geller was stated to be (UCB). It should be (UBC). This should be corrected.

There was a spirited discussion on the situation with our medical insurance. The discussion spilled over to the high cost of drugs under CIGNA as compared to the cost under Anthem. It was pointed out that CIGNA would no longer be our insurer. We are going back to Anthem.

There was a discussion about the grant program that provided $500 per retired faculty. This program is provided by the President’s office. It was pointed out that only 2 retired faculty applied for this award. Hence the deadline has been postponed until the end of April. It was suggested that the president of CURFA, Richard Blade,  makes contact with the chairs of departments of the various campuses to make them aware of these grants since there are many emeriti in our group.

                             These minutes are submitted by our secretary, Uriel Nauenberg.

The reports submitted can be accessed through these links:

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