University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association
Minutes of April 20, 2006 Meeting

The annual Spring meeting of the University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association was held on Thursday, April 20, 2006 in the University Memorial Center, Boulder Campus, room 235.

President Charles Howe called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM and welcomed all members and guests in attendance. This was a special 50th anniversary meeting.

He read the names of our recently deceased colleagues and a moment of silence was observed.  The following name was added to those listed in the agenda materials:

Burnett (“Burnie”) Meyer,  Mathematics, UCB

The minutes of the October 19, 2005 fall meeting were approved.

President Howe introduced Leonard Dinegar, Acting Vice President for Administration. He spoke on several topics:

  1. The budget is in better shape in large part due to Referendum C and tuition increases are capped for resident undergraduates at 2 ½%, however there is still a $1.2 million shortfall to be covered.
  2. He praised the move of the President’s Office from Boulder to Denver.  The present location of the President’s office right next to the Chancellor’s office was not a good idea. Now the Boulder Chancellor will no longer be overshadowed by the President and will be empowered to become a true C.E.O for the Boulder campus.
  3. He discussed the recent merger of the Health Sciences Center and the Downtown Denver campus.  A new Chancellor has just been appointed: Dr. Roy Wilson, coming from Texas.  He understands that he faces a challenge in developing the merged campus.  In the meantime the HSC is going through a major curriculum reform.
  4. He discussed the interim President, Hank Brown, who has been on board about 8 months and whose first priority was just settling things down after the many problems the university has been going through. 

Prof. Kisslinger pointed out that the CURFA has been given office space and access to the conference room.under the auspices of the CU President’s office.  Mr. Dinegar said that similar benefits will be arranged through the Chancellor’s office.  Alternatively, if we wish to meet in Denver near the President’s office, that could be arranged too.

Stuart Schneck, CURFA member who serves on UBAB (University Benefits Advisory Board) addressed the group.  Concerning Medicare B, the members were directed to his report, which was included in the 2nd mailing packet, which explains how the premiums are going to be based on income in, the future.  He discussed the confusion and the numerous difficulties which have arisen in connection with the new Medicare D prescription benefits. (Among those attending, only one person had enrolled in Medicare D. Among many points raised, he said it will be interesting to see what happens in November when many elderly voters reach the “donut hole” which interrupts reimbursements between $2250 and $5100 in annual contributions

The next open enrollment period is coming in May.  There are no significant changes in coverage.  The contribution for medical benefits for classified staff is expected to be increased by 24%. Traditionally CU usually tries to keep contributions at the same level for faculty.  It this happens, those on CU’s medicare supplement plan will be pleased. Those on the AMP should check that their program is “creditable” so that they may change later to Medicare D without penalty. 

Past President Carl Kisslinger addressed the group.  He reported on the guide for retirement. It is coming along nicely.  He’d like to get it completed before key members of the president’s office leave the Boulder office this summer.  There is a need for a printed version besides being on the internet.

He then introduced Sandra Moriarty who is taking over the Graduate Student Awards endowment project.   She explained that we began with a $25,000 endowment. It is not enough to pay for the awards.  We need more fundraising to increase the basic endowment (hopefully to $50,000).  This year there will be two $500 awards to the Health Sciences Center and one $500 award to Colorado Springs.  In addition, Prof. Moriarty asked for volunteers to join her committee which is supervising the program. 

Next Johann Stoyva read a report from William Marine, liaison with the HSC Retired Faculty.  The $202 million Certificates of Participation will build  seven new buildings on the Fitzsimmons campus to house the educational programs of the Schools of Nursing, Medicine and Pharmacy. As noted earlier, Dr. Roy Wilson will be the new Chancellor of UCDHSC. Several meetings of the HSC group are planned.

With regard to the UCD Denver Campus, Franz Roehmann informed the group that the downtown Denver campus is going to become a residential campus (with freshmen required to live in dormitories), and that 60% of the faculty is over age 55, so there will be many retirements coming up.

Our treasurer, Rudy Schattke was unable to attend but left a report with Pres. Howe who reported that we seem to be in good financial shape, particularly with the $5000 President’s gift.  Pres. Howe is extremely concerned that we still have been unable to recruit a successor for Rudy Schattke as treasurer.  We will also need people to serve in other capacities.   It is essential for our organization to have people willing to volunteer.

Prof. Oliver Ellsworth, Faculty Council representative, whose report through February appeared in the Newsletter added some comments on the March meeting including that it is hoped to raise the university’s contribution to the health plan from 50% to 70%.  The report on tenure policy (General Estes’ committee) will be release on April 24.

Franz Roehmann  from the Faculty Council Personnel Committee noted that his written report was inadvertently omitted from the Newsletter  (note: later that day it was sent  out over e-mail, for those who have e-mail addresses), and added further comments concerning the committee’s activities.

Ombudsperson Robert Fink presented his report.  He had 12 requests for help. Three cases regarded e-mail accounts, three were in regard to RTD ecopasses, two cases involved health insurance, three concerned parking issues and one person need office space for part-time teaching.  In most cases we were able to find ways to accommodate their needs.

Membership Secretary Stew Strickler gave a brief report.   There are 303 paid members.  In addition there are 70 complementary memberships.  87 paid last year but not the previous year and a few haven’t paid for two years and will eventually be removed if they don’t pay.

President Howe introduced Neil Ashby our website manager and members were encouraged to visit our website often.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM and was followed by a “punch and conversation” break outside room 235.  The buffet luncheon began at 12:15.  Because it was the 50th anniversary meeting, the following past Presidents and spouses were honored at lunch, at the head table:  Alberta Pennak (widow of past president Robert Pennak), Rita and Larry Weiss, Robert and Ruth Fink, Courtland and Susan Peterson, Mary Bonneville, and Carl and Penny Kisslinger. [Leo and Ura Riethmayer had to cancel attendance at the last minute].  The group  was treated to a concert given by the Colorado Sax Quartet (under the direction of Wayne Scott).  Henry Claman (HSC), Jim Wolf (UCD) and Richard Blade (UCCS) gave entertaining historical presentations of their respective campuses. [Unfortunately Prof. Riethmayer was unable to present his talk about the UCB campus].

Respectfully Submitted:  Richard Roth, Secretary