Research & Innovation Week: Overall social media approach for #CUBoulderImpact

We will show communities near and far how they benefit from the world-class work at CU Boulder, primarily through Twitter and Instagram channels. We will use social media to inspire and empower a grassroots effort to:

  • Demonstrate the broad impact of CU Boulder research, scholarship and creative works
    • We will show the outcomes of the work, not just tell about the work taking place
    • We will facilitate connections for people—making it easier for them to connect with one another
    • Answer “so what?”, “how does this impact me?” and “what did this work change?”
  • Focus on using Twitter and Instagram accounts of individuals (students, faculty, staff), labs and departments to originate content that shows the outcomes of work and tag with #CUBoulderImpact
  • Other channels can be used but main campus support will focus on Twitter and Instagram
  • Utilize clear explanations, visuals (photos and videos)
  • The hashtag will be monitored for amplification, engagement and connection to more/deeper content (via campus and other broader channels)

Coordination across campus

  • Posts should originate from individuals, departments and other units closest to the action; authenticity will power this campaign 
  • Communicators at the campus and area levels—those farther away from the work—will monitor #CUBoulderImpact activity and amplify where stories and messages will resonate beyond the initial posts (and when other scheduled content allows)
  • Campus and areas will introduce daily themes of the week at a broader level, including content that is relevant across departments, colleges and institutes
  • Can be fun and unique, but should never lose sight of IMPACT and OUTCOMES

Ideas and suggested approaches

Prior to Research & Innovation Week

  • Limited advance promotion of events and activities of the week that will feature individuals tied to a department, college, institute, etc.
  • Inform departments, colleges, individuals to be on the lookout for #CUBoulderImpact and then help amplify
  • Encourage individuals, labs and departments to show answers via their own respective Twitter and Instagram accounts to the question “My/our work impacts humanity by …” visually or by clear descriptions
    • Posts could be a tightly coordinated, three-part series of content
      • Introduce person/area
      • Describe the work
      • Show the outcome

During Research & Innovation Week

  • Coverage of sessions/events your teams/individuals are involved in
    • Don’t just take pictures of posters or speakers and share. Do that and add in context around the impact. “This will impact humanity by …”
  • Video (social media only) interviews

After Research & Innovation Week

  • Summary wrap up
    • Quotes, photos, etc.
    • Learning/lessons – tie back to impact!
  • Continue to use #CUBoulderImpact to share the impact of the work taking place in your unit
  • We are using Research & Innovation Week as a launchpad of new @CUBoulderImpact channels; this hashtag will live beyond the week