Are you planning on submitting a new NIH R01 proposal for the standard June due date? The NIH R01 Commit-to-Submit Writing Program can help get you there!

Led by Research & Innovation Office Proposal Writer Jim Mazzouccolo, this program is designed to support your proposal’s narrative development from start to finish through one-on-one writing and proposal development coaching, a series of workshops, and peer writing groups. Participants will learn the ins and outs of writing a competitive NIH research strategy and will be prepared to submit a proposal by the June 5, 2021 deadline.

Participants will:

  1.    Identify and employ crucial steps to take to prepare to write
  2.    Acquire key information about effective NIH writing strategies
  3.    Apply those strategies as you write and revise a draft of your submission
  4.    Utilize your skills to critique the work of others, which will lead to sharpening of your own skills
  5.    Develop better proposal writing skills that will carry forward on all submissions, whether to NIH or other funding agencies

Please email Jim Mazzouccolo at to join RIO's NIH R01 Commit-to-Submit Writing Program.

RIO's NIH R01 Commit-to-Submit Writing Program Kickoff Event - Register Here

The NIH R01 Commit-to-Submit Writing Program Kickoff event will be held on January 26, 2021, from 12-1pm. All faculty interested in learning more are invited to attend.

Tentative NIH R01 Commit-to-Submit Writing Program Working Sessions

  • 1/28 – Solicitation discussion, in depth review of requirements (Topic -Specific Aims)
  • 2/09 – Specific Aims Due Date (Topic – Background and Significance)
  • 2/16 – Specific Aims Peer Review
  • 2/23 – Background and Significance Due Date (Topic – Innovation)
  • 3/02 – Background and Significance Peer Review
  • 3/09– Innovation Section Due Date (Topic – Research Plan)
  • 03/16– Innovation Section Peer Review
  • 4/13 - Research Plan deadline
  • 4/20 – Research Plan Peer review session
  • 5/04 – Final drafts Due
  • 6/5 – NIH Standard Deadlines for New R01 Submissions