Data Management Plans (DMP) describe what data is generated or otherwise acquired for a particular research project, and how the data will be utilized and stored during and after a project. DMPs are required for most proposals to federal agencies as well as some private foundations. The requirements may vary by agency or funding program, so it is important to review the guidance for the specific funding opportunity.

Generally, DMPs include: types of data to be generated; mechanisms for data access and sharing; data reuse policies; and plans for archiving and preserving data.

If you need assistance developing your DMP, the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS) provides the following support:

  • Review of draft DMPs
  • One-on-one DMP consulting
  • Access to and support for the DMPTool, a self-service tool for creating custom DMPs based on funder requirements

Please email to request a DMP review, consultation, or for more information about these services.