Grant writing is an important aspect in the careers of faculty members across campus, however, it often takes a back seat to other faculty responsibilities. Given the significance of grant writing to faculty career advancement, the Research & Innovation Office (RIO) recognizes the importance of supporting faculty grant writing efforts through facilitating faculty grant writing groups.

Faculty grant writing groups provide dedicated time and space for faculty members to write, hold oneself (and one another) accountable on writing goals, exchange ideas across disciplines, and receive peer support and feedback on writing efforts.

Writing Group Models

RIO's Faculty Writing Group program supports three faculty grant writing group models:

(1) Regular Write Session Model: In this model, group members convene on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) in a reserved time and location to write.

(2) Accountability Model: In this model, group members convene on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) in a reserved time and location (1.5-2 hours) with time for reporting on progress and time for writing. 

(3) Accountability & Peer Review Model: In this model, RIO assembles small groups (3-4 faculty) to meet on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) to report progress, read, edit, and critique one another's writing projects.

Join or Start a Faculty Grant Writing Group

Fill out this interest form to join or start a faculty grant writing group.

Please note that writing groups typically form in August/September, December, and May, so it is a good idea to indicate your interest in one of these months.

Writing Group Best Practices

Please note that most grant writing groups will follow these best practices:

  • Each group typically consists of 3-5 faculty members.
  • The intent of this program is that the writing group will be led by faculty for faculty.
  • The group works best if each member identifies a realistic, achievable, concrete grant writing project.
  • It is essential that all group members make a commitment to attend all sessions of their writing group in the interest of respecting other group members' time and efforts. Missing one session due to conference travel, etc. is acceptable (as are missed meetings due to family emergency or extenuating circumstances).
  • At the outset of the each group, RIO will attend the group's first meeting to facilitate introductions, present grant writing group guidance (based on best practices from peer institutions), and support decision-making among faculty regarding the structure and duration of the writing group moving forward.
  • RIO will have minimal involvement beyond the first meeting, but will always be available upon request to offer support (e.g., identifying collaborators, identifying funding opportunities, convening groups, providing administrative support, etc.).


Please reach out to Mikhaila Redovian at with any questions or comments.