Mailing Services can ship and prepare documents for all foreign shipments.  We use the US Post Office, UPS or Federal Express to send packages to foreign addresses. 

Package limitations

The following limitations apply for these packages:

  • US Post office limits the size of packages to between 60 and 70 pounds (depending on the country) an 84” total length + girth.
  • The Size limit of Federal Express and UPS packages is 150 pounds and 165” length + girth.

Lager packages or pallet size shipments can be arranged through Jim Jokumsen at the Distribution Center shipping office (303) 492-6369.

Mailing Services is registered with AES Direct through the US Census Bureau, and can file any paperwork required for export.   We are here to serve the shipping needs of all Departments on the CU Campus, as long as all required information is provided.

Call (303) 492-2444 or 492-2445 for shipping estimates or other information.

Visit the Mailing Services Website to print out an IN (invoice) or request a pickup.

Information to include

The following information is required in order to ship packages:

  • For shipments under $2500
    • List of contents – include product descriptions and model numbers were possible
    • Declared value of each item and total value of shipment
    • Reason for export (i.e. – for repair and warranty work, return to manufacturer, or export for research to be returned).  Such descriptions may lessen or eliminate import duties or taxes.
    • Insurance value, if requested.
  • For shipments with a single item valued over $2500, include all the information listed above as well as the following:

Export Control Guidance

Some exports may fall under export control laws and could require a special export license, Technical Assistance Agreement, or Destination Control Statement.  The primary contact for more information about export control regulations is administrators within the Office of Export Controls (  The proper licenses can take a considerable amount of time to develop, so allow enough time to ensure that your shipment is not delayed.