The University of Colorado Administrative Policy Statement defines Institutes, Centers, Laboratories and Bureaus, and describes the procedures and criteria to establish and review these units.

Please note the following procedures for the Boulder campus:

  1. Centers, Laboratories and Bureaus specific to the Boulder campus require approval only to the Chancellor’s level, after approval by the Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Research. Proposals for new institutes must also be approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Proposals to create centers, laboratories or bureaus should be submitted for review to the Vice Chancellor for Research. It is necessary that the Office of University Counsel review and approve the proposal, its bylaws and any affiliation documents, and that the office of Planning, Budget & Analysis review and approve the budget plan for the first five years. It is strongly encouraged to have early discussions with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation.
  2. New programs will be authorized for up to a five-year period. Subsequent reauthorizations for up to seven years may occur, subject to a formal review process. Review criteria are set by the head of the parent unit, but must include items specified in the Administrative Policy Statement. Note that programs not reviewed and specifically reauthorized are to be ‘sunsetted,’ and may no longer continue their operations after the period of their authorization.
  3. Program evaluations may be carried out in the regular Program Review process of the parent units, but only if the Center, Laboratory or Bureau is considered explicitly in the PRP final report. Recommendations for Center reauthorization, including a statement of the criteria and process used for the review, should be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation to obtain the necessary review.
  4. All units with annual expenditures of $2M or more must identify an individual with primary responsibility to manage the organization’s financial operations.
  5. Financial responsibility for the unit is assigned to the head or officer of the parent unit. That individual must agree to eliminate any existing budget deficit prior to the end of each fiscal year, as indicated by signature on the Financial Plan.

Original Date: June 27, 2002
Format Updated: September 22, 2009

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