Terri Fiez

Research & Innovation. Catalyzing Ideas to Transform Our Future. Together.
It is such a pleasure to share FY15-16 highlights from the University of Colorado Boulder’s research enterprise and creative works.

After my first year as Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, I’m more enthusiastic than ever about how discoveries at CU Boulder are changing the world. While our researchers, faculty and staff lead the charge, this transformational work includes increasing collaborations with undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, entrepreneurs and government and industry partners.

The Research & Innovation Office, previously the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, is focused on creating impact by cultivating and supporting collaboration, transformation and leadership. At the heart of this focus are the diverse contributions of a wide range of world-class experts—working together in new and innovative ways to accelerate ideas through the entire innovation lifecycle, from idea to impact.

At CU Boulder we connect the dots by creating an environment that sparks and enhances this work, encourages it to be more collaborative and interdisciplinary and provides pathways to amplify impact on people around the world.

Grand Challenge: Our Space. Our Future., Rickshaws 2.0, Catching Fire and Sing It Forward are some of my favorite features because they demonstrate how a strategic, campus-wide approach can unleash the power of innovators and entrepreneurs through uncommon collaborations that create impact both locally and globally.

In this annual research report, you will see many incredible, inspiring achievements. Even more remarkable is that the work highlighted here represents only a fraction of the progress in FY15-16. Enjoy learning about some of the most compelling stories from last year and please join us in looking forward to even more impact in the coming year.

Warm regards,

Terri Fiez
Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Research & Innovation Office