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The Gin research group at the University of Colorado, Boulder is applying organic synthesis and molecular design to the construction of functional, nanostructured materials. The two primary elements in our research program are:

(1) Functional Nanostructured Polymer Materials Based on Liquid Crystal Building Blocks:

Functional liquid crystal monomer design; nanostructured polymer networks via monomer self-assembly; physical organic chemisry and materials science of nanostructured systems

(2) New Ionic Materials and Polyelectrolyte Architectures Based on Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTILs):

Design of RTILs with new functional properties; new ionic polymers and composites based on RTILs; new RTIL-based lyotropic and thermotropic LC systems; gas separation and transport studies on new RTIL-based materials


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Latest Updates - July 2017!

Updates have been added to the Publications and Research sections of this site as well as to the group photos section. More to follow.

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