iSAT has its very own lab in CU Boulder’s Center for Creativity and Innovation (CINC) in Boulder, Colorado. Additional satellite labs are also being implemented at Colorado State University and Brandeis. The labs function as both a research study facility and a space for all students to gather, network, and collaborate.

iSAT researchers develop studies for this lab in which students, staff, and faculty at CU Boulder work on collaborative problem solving while our researchers collect video and audio recordings of their  interactions on the same equipment used by our researchers to collect classroom data. The main goal is to test collected data on collaborative problem Solving skills to advance team science -  focusing on iterative design and evaluation of candidate AI Partner-interfaces via Human-Centered Design and Human-Computer Interaction-focused empirical studies. These findings will also further help our Strand 1 researchers with their data annotation, multi-modal, and content analysis efforts by providing them with cleaner, easier-to-process data than what is collected in noisy K–12 environments. The various teams will then use their improved data analysis processes to optimize our K–12 classroom data. 

Lab Pilot

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