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June 26 - July 1, 2022: iSAT Undergraduate Elsy Meis Selected to Present Paper at International Conference

July 1, 2022

As an undergraduate student, Elsy Meis does not fit the typical profile of a first author on an academic paper admitted to an international conference. However, Elsy has proven herself as a lead researcher who is involved with many efforts throughout iSAT. This week she presented “HCI Strategies for Informing...

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June 27 - July 1, 2022: Congratulations James Pustejovsky and Nikhil Krishnaswamy

June 27, 2022

Strand 1 iSAT team members James Pustejovsky and Nikhil Krishnaswamy had their paper, "Multimodal Semantics for Affordances and Actions”, chosen to receive the Best Paper Award of the HCI 2022 Thematic Area. This Thematic Area addresses challenging and innovative topics in Human-Computer Interaction theory, methodology and practice. The selection process...

Conjecture Map

June 20 - 24, 2022: iSAT Team Learns About Conjecture Maps

June 20, 2022

At the iSAT whole team meeting this week, iSAT team members Rachel Dickler and Michael Chang led the group through an informative session on conjecture maps including how they can best be used to guide research within iSAT. For example, how can we go from high-level statements of research goals...

Professional Learning Event Social Justice and AI

June 13 - 17, 2022: AI and Social Justice Professional Learning Event

June 17, 2022

Teachers from Denver Public Schools attended iSAT's professional learning event where they learned how to teach students about AI and social justice in a collaborative environment as well as how to adapt iSAT's AI in Games curriculum to tailor it to the needs of their students and schools.

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June 6 – 10, 2022: iSAT’s Interactive Demo of New AI Researcher Display Accepted to the 23rd Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education

June 5, 2022

The iSAT team recently had an interactive demo of the new AI researcher display accepted to the 23rd Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. The speech-based researcher display presents data on student groups as they engage in collaborative problem solving in near real-time. Some of the metrics displayed include the...

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June 6 - 10, 2022: Welcome, Strand 3 Research Scientist, Monica Ko!

May 30, 2022

Monica’s research aims to make science learning more meaningful to secondary science students. She does this through two primary activities: the design and facilitation of professional learning opportunities for teachers and design-based research activities and co-design work with teachers. Within these contexts, she looks at how classrooms develop the norms...

Sidney D'Mello

May 30 – June 3, 2022: Sidney D’Mello Presents at the Association for Psychological Sciences in Chicago

May 28, 2022

Sidney D'Mello, iSAT’s Principal Investigator, presented "From Autonomy to Synergy: Toward AI that Works “with” rather than “for” Humans" at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Sciences (APS) in Chicago. In his talk, he argued for a vision for AI, going beyond a cold, autonomous agent working for...

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May 23 - 27, 2022: iSAT Meets with the National Science Foundation

May 26, 2022

After a busy year of research, classroom data collection and analysis, trainings, curruculum design, and so much more, iSAT met with Program Officers and evaluators with the National Science Foundation from May 24 - 25 for our annual review. We're excited to meet with the evaluators again in June for...

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May 9 - 14, 2022: Congrats, Dr. James Pustejovsky

May 6, 2022

We're excited to welcome our Strand 1 researcher James Pustejovsky as Strand 1’s new co-lead, effective May 1. A TJX Feldberg Professor of Computer Science at Brandeis University, James brings to his newly expanded role at iSAT expertise in theoretical and computational modeling of language. He worked closely with Ross...

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May 2 - May 6, 2022: Happy Retirement, Dr. Ross Beveridge!

May 1, 2022

Ross Beveridge is retiring from CSU and will be stepping down from his Strand 1 co-leadership role effective May 1. Ross will be greatly missed. Beyond being a wonderful person to work with, his expertise and leadership of the multi-modal working group enabled the Institute to understand the importance of...