This policy applies to military personnel, fire fighters and police officers who are called to active duty and/or to help with disasters and complies with CCHE policy revisions to the Tuition and Fees Policy.

How to Withdraw

1. Contact the withdrawal coordinator in the Office of the Registrar (, 303-492-6970).

2. If you are enrolled during your activation service, you must first withdraw from the university. Provide a copy of your activation letter or orders with your withdrawal form.

3. The Office of the Registrar will withdraw you from the university with the following conditions:

  • Grades
    • If your withdrawal request is submitted before the drop deadline: You will be dropped from all classes.
    • If your withdrawal request is submitted after the drop deadline: You will be dropped from all classes with a W grade.
    • Deans' signatures are not required.
  • Rebates and Financial Aid
    • You will be withdrawn with a full refund of all tuition and fees.
    • If you are receiving financial aid, you will need to contact Veteran's Affairs to determine the best refund for you based on the Department of Education's rules governing financial aid.

4. Upon your withdrawal, the Office of the Registrar will refer you to do the following (if applicable):

  • Contact Veteran's Affairs if you are receiving any educational assistance (i.e., refunded to you or to the Department of Education).
  • Use the withdrawal checklist to determine if you have to do the following:
    • Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you received any aid through CU Boulder.
    • Check out of housing and be assessed occupancy charges through the date of checkout.
    • Turn in parking permits to Parking Services.
    • Return books for classes purchased from the CU Book Store for a refund based upon the condition of the books. Proof of purchase is required.
    • Turn in season tickets (e.g., athletic tickets, theater tickets) to the appropriate offices to receive a prorated refund.
    • If you have insurance through the Wardenburg Student Health Insurance Office, contact that office if you want to keep your insurance coverage (additional requirements apply).
    • Resolve any outstanding financial obligations with the Bursar's Office.

5. Submit a Leave of Absence Application for Military Active Duty and attach a copy of your activation letter or orders.

6. The Office of the Registrar will place you on a leave of absence at no charge if you provide your active duty orders and you are:

  • an undergraduate who will not be returning to CU Boulder within the three semesters of inactivity provided automatically for all undergraduate students, or
  • a graduate, law or MBA student who is called to active duty (all signature requirements are waived).