As required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the university must verify a student's identity before disclosing any of that student’s protected (non-directory) information, including grades, GPAs, service indicators, financial aid awards, residency information and more.

At CU Boulder, FERPA protections go into effect on the first day of classes of the student's first term of enrollment.

Security Passphrase

The required method for verifying a student who cannot present photo ID, or who is contacting the university by phone, is to ask the student to correctly state their established security passphrase. If a passphrase has not yet been established, the student can set it while you wait or call back after setting their passphrase.

Once a student sets a passphrase in MyCUInfo, university employees can view the passphrase through Campus Solutions or the MyCUInfo Faculty Center (under Faculty Toolkit, click Go to Faculty Center).

NOTE: If a student contacts you using his or her email address, a security passphrase is not required (see Sending Student Data Electronically).

Prior to the start of each term, please review the Security Passphrase Business Practices, which explain:

  • the purpose of this requirement
  • business practices for requesting and verifying security passphrases
  • recommended responses when a student's passphrase has not been established, is stated incorrectly or contains inappropriate language

If you have questions, contact the Office of the Registrar.

CU Guest Access

CU Guest Access is a read-only, online option for guests to view a student record. Students establish a guest account for a parent or third party via MyCUInfo and select which components of their record to share. Guests have access to information in the student's Student Center of Campus Solutions, similar to what faculty and staff see in the Student Services Center component (admin view). Guests cannot complete any transactions on behalf of the student, and CU Guest Access does not authorize the university to release or discuss non-directory information about students to the guest.

University faculty and staff cannot release any non-directory information or answer any questions regarding a student’s protected education record without the express consent of the student. If a guest calls with questions and FERPA Consent to Release cannot be verified, please direct them to contact their student. If guests have questions about the CU Guest Access online system, they can consult the user guide (coming soon) for step-by-step instructions or contact their student.

Read through the faculty and staff FAQs or the CU Guest Access FAQs to learn more.

FERPA Consent to Release

FERPA Consent to Release allows a parent or authorized third party to contact the university on behalf of the student to discuss or request educational or financial records. Students establish consent via MyCUInfo and create a unique password for each individual or organization. University faculty and staff can verify FERPA consent on file via Campus Solutions, where they can confirm the name of the authorized third party and the password before providing FERPA-protected information.

Read through the Verifying FERPA Consent to Releasefaculty and staff FAQs or the FERPA Consent FAQs to learn more.