Trainer Time is a free 60-minute workout lead by a CU Rec Center Personal Trainer. The weekly Trainer Time session will highlight different pieces of equipment to teach you proper form along with training tips to maximize your performance with each workout.  During the month of April we will explore the new weight areas and how to incorporate the new equipment into your training program.  Check out the listing below for dates, times and area of focus.  No registration necessary, simply meet at the Fit Well suite where the Trainer will take you to the location for the day.

New Weight Room: Deadlift ; Fri 4/7, 9-10am  Learn the fundamentals of proper form and technique for the deadlift.

New Weight Room: Bench Press; Sun 4/9; 2-3pm  Learn proper setup and form for one of the most important upper-body exericses to help improve muscular development and overall strength.

Main Weight Room: Deadlift; Sun 4/16; 2-3pm  Learn the fundamental of proper form and techniques for the deadlift.

Main Weight Room: Squat; Fri 4/21; 9-10am  Learn proper form and variations of one of the most fundamental lifts in strength training.  This workshop will focus on proper squat mechanics for building muscle strength along with injury prevention.

Functional Training Space: HIIT Circuit; Fri  4/14: 9-10am and Sun 4/23; 2-3pm  This high energy tutorial of HIIT training with functional equipment will show you how to successfully incorporate power movements using kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls and TRX.

Weight Machines by Track: Full Body Workout; Fri 4/28: 9-10am  and Sun 4/30; 2-3pm This workshop will help you design a full body workout that will isolate major muscle groups in the body while incorporating endurance exercises to provide you with strength development and a fun cardio routine.