What is the CU Collegiate Recovery Community all about?

The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) provides support for students in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use and other addictions. The CUCRC offers a welcoming student community and resource lounge, free support meetings on campus, sober social events, and one-on-one recovery coaching and referrals provided by professional staff experienced in recovery.

We are here to help students develop peer-to-peer connections, resiliency and well-being, and to connect CU students, staff and alumni with recovery-related services and others in recovery.

At the CUCRC you can:

  • Find a community of like-minded people
  • Connect with others who are choosing to live substance-free
  • Receive caring, comprehensive support for maintaining sobriety and recovery
  • Share support and accountability with other recovering students
  • Learn and grow through leadership and service

What does the CUCRC offer?

  1. A community of students and staff in recovery from addiction and other mental health concerns: All ages, academic levels and pathways of recovery are welcome, from undergraduates to graduates and professional students, as well as staff and alumni. Students at other area schools are also welcome at our meetings.
  2. Recovery-supportive programming: options include peer support group meetings (12-Step and other formats), as well as sober social activities, service opportunities and educational programming. We are always open to student suggestions and proposals for other meeting formats or activities.
  3. A dedicated space: The CUCRC is your home on campus as a student in recovery. The students and staff here get recovery because they live it. The CUCRC is open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m (and later when we have evening meetings or social events). Stop by any time to have lunch, find support, get some studying done, or just hang out. Some support meetings meet year-round, while others meet only when classes are in session. Check out the schedule for more information.
  4. Sober Campus Housing Option:  Our Core Housing program provides the opportunity for CUCRC Core Members to live and learn together in a campus residence hall that is dedicated to being alcohol- and drug-free.
  5. Committed people: The CUCRC is run by full-time staff members and part-time assistants who are knowledgeable about recovery and resources that are available on and off campus. We’re here to link you to resources and help you get the support you need. 

How many students are involved with the CUCRC?

  • 32 Core Members are currently actively involved with the community and use the Center weekly.
  • Many other students, alumni, and other young people in recovery in the local community are connected with the Center informally and attend various programs
  • Founded in August 2013, an estimated 200 individuals attended events, meetings, or activities at the CUCRC during its first year, and over 400 students, staff, alumni and allies are currently on our email list.

Who can use the Center?

The CUCRC is open to anyone in recovery or seeking recovery or interested in being part of a sober community, as well as supportive friends and allies. You do not need to be a CU student to seek resources through the Center or come to a support meeting, though most of those that involved are students. 

What is Core Membership all about?

While the CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) is open to all, the CORE Member program provides additional support and benefits for students who are interested in being actively involved with the CRC community and have made a personal commitment to maintaining recovery. Core Members have the opportunity to go on group trips, attend, apply for CRC scholarships and work-study position, and are given key access to use the Center seven days-a-week. Core Members are also eligible to live together in Core Housing, a dedicated sober residence hall on campus. Learn more about becoming a Core Member. 

How do I get involved?

Want to get connected? Looking for support? Interested in becoming a member? Curious about volunteering? Contact us with questions – or just stop by and visit the Center during our open hours. You can also check out the current CUCRC Schedule and come to a support meeting. For announcements on meetings and social events, you can join the CUCRC email list, or connect with us on social media on the CUCRC FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, or the CU SoberBuffs page. We are often adding new meetings, activities or study times, so check regularly for the most current information. 

If you need help right now, please check out the resources on the Need Support page

"(The CUCRC) provides a safe, close knit environment where the energy is one of sincerity... everyone who passes through the doors truly desires to be there." Jonathan G., 10 years sober