Published: May 14, 2021

CU Research Computing is pleased to announce that the University of Colorado's third-generation high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure will be named "Alpine".  Alpine represents the lofty goals of the hard-working students, staff and faculty conducting research on CURC's advanced cyberinfrastructure, and is a nod to the beautiful mountain environment of Colorado. Congratulations to Valeria Barra for suggesting the winning name, among more than 100 suggestions.

"Alpine is a modular system designed to meet the growing and rapidly evolving needs of our researchers", said CURC Director Shelley Knuth. "Alpine addresses our users' requests for faster compute and more robust options for machine learning."

We anticipate that Alpine will be provisioned and available for use in Autumn 2021.  Alpine will have 3rd generation AMD EPYC CPUs, which provide enhanced energy efficiency per cycle compared to the Intel Xeon E5-2680 CPUs on RMACC Summit. The system will also have Nvidia A100 GPUs, AMD MI100 GPUs, HDR InfiniBand, and 25 Gb Ethernet. Alpine is funded by the Financial Futures strategic initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder.