Yi Cui
Materials Science & Eng.
2. Coherence effects, order, and defects in materials • 3. Advanced characterization (multi-modes) • 4. Scalability and processing of materials • 5. Chemical processes-dependent on nano- and meso-scale dimensions • 6. Integration of length scales in materials • 7. Interaction of quantum dots with semiconductor materials • 8. Thermal transport • 9. Hybrid nano-materials • 10. Optoelectronic properties • 11. Nanoscale self-assembly and fabrication • 12. Theory and simulation of phenomena

General Area(s) of Research: Advanced materials synthesis and fabrication; Energy storage; Photovoltaics; Topological insulators; Printable energy and electronic device; Nanobiotechnology; Nano-environmental technologies; Nanoscale tools

Description of potential projects for CINEMA applicants: Please refer to Professor's website.