Ryan O'Hayre
Materials Science
1. Interfaces • 2. Coherence effects, order, and defects in materials • 3. Advanced characterization (multi-modes) • 4. Scalability and processing of materials • 5. Chemical processes-dependent on nano- and meso-scale dimensions • 13. Materials and devices for solar energy conversion • 14. Materials and devices for thermal energy conversion • 15. Materials and devices for electrical energy storage • 16. Materials and devices for solar fuel production and utilization

* currently not accepting new CINEMA fellows

General Area(s) of Research: Materials for Energy, Fuel Cells, Catalysts, Electrochemistry, H2 production, Ion Conductors, Transparent Conductive Oxides

Description of potential projects for CINEMA applicants: Redox Oxide Catalysts for Solar Thermochemical H2 Production, Chemically-modified Nanocarbon Catalysts for Fuel Cells, Low-Cost, Intermediate-Temperature, Fuel-Flexible Protonic-Ceramic Fuel Cell.