Reuben Collins
Physics Department
2. Coherence effects, order, and defects in materials • 3. Advanced characterization (multi-modes) • 7. Interaction of quantum dots with semiconductor materials • 9. Hybrid nano-materials • 10. Optoelectronic properties • 11. Nanoscale self-assembly and fabrication • 13. Materials and devices for solar energy conversion

General Area(s) of Research: General Next Generation Photovoltaics, Fabrication and properties of quantum confined nanostructures, Novel light emitting materials and devices, Silicon compatible optoelectronics and plasmonics

Description of potential projects for CINEMA applicants: Hot carrier charge dynamics in amorphous/silicon nanoparticle hybrids for use in next generation photovoltaics, Development of amorphous and crystalline Si(Se,S)2 absorbers for silicon-based multijunction solar cells, Amorphous/nanoparticle hybrids for solar water splitting, Tuning metal oxide work function through self assembled monolayers to optimize the open circuit voltage of organic solar cells, The effect of complexity on the properties of mesoscopic assemblies of nanostructures.