The RASEI Travel Guide

Below you will find information on properly booking travel. Please follow these guidelines to save everyone time and stress!

Required departmental approval prior to booking travel: 

As required by CU policy, all employees planning business travel on behalf of RASEI must fill out and submit a TA (Travel Authorization) form that can be downloaded here

On the travel authorization form, you will need to estimate your overall cost of the travel to include registration, airfare, lodging, taxi/transportation and, if needed, meal estimates are generally $70/day.  You will receive an email notification upon approval of the travel authorization, and only THEN you are good to proceed with booking travel.

International travel - An additional University Int’l Travel Authorization Request is needed.  The RASEI staff will queue you on this additional step after you submit the RASEI Travel Authorization.


University Employee Travel:

Airfare:  To book your domestic airfare use the University’s CONCUR Travel & Expense System:  
Access by way of the Univ. Portal
Log in using your identikey and password
Under ‘Quick Links’ on the right, click on CONCUR TRAVEL & EXPENSE SYSTEM
Search for flights under TRIP SEARCH                    

To book International flights, you must contact the University’s travel agent, Christopher Business Travel. The agent assisted booking fee is $20. Provide them with your Speedtype#. If your travel is supported by federal funds, you will need to comply with the Fly America Act. Christopherson Travel can assist you with adhering to these restrictions, if they apply.  In addition, the US government provides information on travel warnings and the World Health Organization provides health alerts.

Christopherson Business Travel
Hrs of Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday
Local Phone: 303-694-8744
Toll Free Phone: 1-855-462-8885
Emergency After Hrs: 1-800-954-0023 Reference ID code VP-JOO (the letter O, not zero)
Int’l Emergency After Hrs, Call Collect:  682-233-0916 - Reference ID code VP-JOO (the letter O, not zero)

Or, if you wish to purchase airline tickets personally (not in the CONCUR Travel & Expense System), you must obtain an airfare comparison quote in CONCUR or directly from Christopherson Travel on the same day you personally purchase your airfare (not after the fact!).  If the total cost of the personally purchased airfare is less than the CONCUR/Christopherson comparison quote, you can proceed with personally purchasing the airfare.  Upon completion of your travel, submit for reimbursement your itemized airfare receipt with proof of purchase along with the comparison quote.  Without a comparison quote, you may not be reimbursed for personally purchased airfare.


Important Note: 

  • Your flights must be booked in at least 21 days in advance of departure in order to ensure best pricing.   Please make note of this new update.  Any flights booked under 21 days in advance of departure would require Director of Finance approval.  Last minute bookings are often more costly and we hope to encourage travelers to book early for best pricing. 


Additional Info:

  • If you have a personal component with your University business travel, please be aware of the following info. If you are including personal time by extending your travel dates, you must obtain a CONCUR/Christopherson Travel comparison quote for the dates just to attend the business portion of your travel. If you are beginning or ending your travel (for personal reasons) at an airport other than Denver Int’l Airport, you must obtain a CONCUR/Christopherson Travel comparison quote for travel originating/ending at DIA. If the comparison quote is less expensive in comparison to the cost of your actual travel with the personal component, you will need to provide personal payment to the University for the difference.
  • If a third party entity is covering the cost of your University-related international travel, you must still submit a RASEI Travel Authorization Request as well as a Univ. Int’l Travel Auth. Your trip will get registered with iSOS as a no cost trip (for international travel only).
  • If you are traveling with a non-CU employee (i.e. family member) you may book their airfare with a personal credit card by calling Christopherson; a $20 service fee will be assessed for each transaction.  You cannot book personal travel through the online CONCUR system.


CU Travel Card:

If you have one, use your Corporate Travel Visa Card to pay for hotel, transportation and other related travel expenses.  Do NOT purchase airfare or meals on your travel card.  Save and turn in all of your receipts to the RASEI Finance Office.  


Export Control & Your Laptop:  

International travelers whose travel expenses are to be funded from University funds should contact Office of Research Integrity-Export Controls if traveling to another country with equipment (includes laptops) or information subject to export controls.  See additional information at ORI-Export Control.


Rental Car: 

One must use University contracted rental agencies.  See Auto Rental info per the State of Colorado Price Agreements.  Decline insurance when using the State contracted agencies listed above since they provide liability coverage.  You will need to obtain a rental car receipt that shows actual itemized charges, not estimates, and proof of payment.  Save (and submit for reimbursement) your gasoline receipts that pertain to the rental car.



SAVE your itemized meal receipts and submit for reimbursement after travel is complete. Do NOT tip over 20% gratuity. Any meals provided by the conference will reduce your meal allowance, which is calculated based on your travel destination.


DIA Parking-Price Agreements:

For travelers who need to park at DIA, there are several advantageous price agreements for discounted airport parking.  See DIA Parking Agreements.


Final Step:

Travel Expense Reimbursement Reports - We will create your travel expense report for you.
Email your legible receipts to​
Explain anything unusual that may pertain to your travel. If you attended a conference, be sure to include the conference/meeting program. Any reimbursement will be processed as a direct deposit.

If you have any travel questions, please do not hesitate to ask!   
Our contact information is