Purchasing Contact:

Dan Schell
Phone: (303)-492-2907
Email: daniel.schell@colorado.edu

As your key contact, Dan can help you with the following:

  • Obtaining University Procurement Card (& Travel Card if applicable) and using CONCUR expense system
  • Obtaining Marketplace access for purchasing with major vendors that have Marketplace catalogs (non-chemical items)
  • Procuring high $ items, equipment, service contracts, grant-related subcontracts, POs, SPOs, etc.
  • Anything related to purchasing and its allowability
  • RASEI Travel Authorization process, University travel, and reimbursements


RASEI Purchasing Card Process (P-Card)                    

For Current RASEI P-card Holders:

  • New or replacement P-CARDs will always be sent to your UCB mailing address.
  • Activate your P-CARD by using the last four digits of your employee ID# (not the last four digits of your SSN as it asks).

How the P-CARD Process Works: 
University Procurement Card Handbook

  • For every P-CARD transaction that you incur, you will receive an email notification from ‘@ConcurSolutions.com’ notifying you that a charge has been placed on your P-Card. Review the vendor name and $ amount to ensure accuracy. A weekly notification of all transactions is also automatically sent to you.
  • Please keep a close eye on your charges in the event a fraudulent purchase appears.  IF YOU SEE A FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION, immediately alert USBank Credit Card Customer Svc at 800-344-5696 and also notify rasei-admin@colorado.edu​
  • For each P-Card transaction you make, submit an image of the receipt by email to rasei-admin@colorado.edu​ or forward any e-receipt you may have received for online purchases. Along with the receipt please provide the funding ST (speed type). If you are unsure of the ST, ask for help. For Official Function Meal receipts, be sure to list the individual names of the attendees. If there are over 10 attendees, indicate the category of attendees (e.g., 5 faculty, 10 staff, 3 grad students, 7 visiting recruits, etc.) 
  • As your Delegate, RASEI will create a monthly Expense Report for you in the Concur Expense System. Your P-card transactions will be appropriately reviewed, categorized and allocated to correct funding. Each transaction must adhere to the policies of the Commercial Card Program as well as other university policies, state fiscal and procurement rules and the Procurement Code of Ethics.
  • Once your monthly P-Card Expense Report is ready, you will be notified by email through the Concur System with instructions on how to ‘accept & submit’ the Expense Report in the Concur Expense System.  By ‘accepting & submitting’ the report you confirm that the transactions are appropriate and University-related.
  • The Expense Report will subsequently be reviewed, approved and processed.

It is your responsibility to promptly submit your P-Card receipts to rasei-admin@colorado.edu​ with notation of funding information (and attendees if an Official Function), then accept & submit when you are notified that an expense report is ready. Everything else is done for you (creating an expense report, allocating, etc.)


Important items to remember for P-Card purchases:

  • Never make a P-card purchase with a vendor that is a CU Marketplace catalog vendor. Use Marketplace instead! 
  • ​All purchases made with the P-Card are tax-exempt. Always remind the vendor of this before they place the charge on the card. The University tax exempt # is on the front of your P-card.
  • Always obtain an itemized receipt that shows in detail the items purchased.
  • For the purchase of meals (Official Function), do not tip the wait staff over 20%.
  • Never use your P-Card while in 'travel' status (although conference registration is okay).
  • If you use your P-Card for online purchases, be sure to use the following billing address that is tied to your RASEI assigned P-Card: 4001 Discovery Dr, Suite N324, Boulder CO 80309
  • The shipping address should be our physical address: 4001 Discovery Dr, Suite N324, Boulder CO 80303
  • Turn in your receipts promptly to avoid automatic Procurement Violations for late processing of charges.


If you have questions, please ask! 
Email: rasei-admin@colorado.edu​